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5 Reasons to Buy a Home in Winter

5 Reasons to Buy a Home in Winter: Motivated Sellers and better prices benefit Buyers.

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Will Fixing Up a House to Sell Pay Off?

By Holly O’Driscoll Chase International Many of my real estate clients start their house hunt saying they’re interested in a “fixer upper.”  They want to save money when buying a … Continue reading

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Christmas is a Great Time to Buy a Home!

Selling or buying a home in winter poses unique challenges — and real estate opportunities. Seasonal swings in home prices and number of homes on the market happen in many … Continue reading

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Million-dollar Home Sales Spike at Tahoe

Not all homes around or near Lake Tahoe sell for more than $1 million, but many do and activity in that price bracket pushed overall sales in the region up 8 percent for the first quarter of 2016.

Here’s an interesting data point behind the numbers: Sales of homes priced above $1 million jumped 11%, while the number of homes sold that were priced lower dropped 9%!
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Getting Too Personal with Marketing Can Backfire

Technology makes it easy to access public records and to tailor messages directly to consumers. Beware. Getting too personal when trying to connect with your customer can backfire big time. … Continue reading

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7 Reasons Video Improves Your Website 

  Video Advantages 1. Quickly Deliver Your Message Most of us tend to digest information we see and hear faster than information what we read — on the internet, that … Continue reading

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Customers Care about Your Business Ethics

                  Ultimately, B-2-B business relationships rely on people. People make the decision to buy/invest in a product or service. Complex factors influence … Continue reading

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