Real Estate Makes People Crazy!


My listing in South Reno recently sold for $269,500. This 1,738 sq/ft, 2-bedroom + loft condo has a 2-car garage. It was in contract 3 days after listing.

Rational, intelligent people become unreasonable, inflexible deal-killers when buying or selling a home. Why? Because money is emotional, and these days, real estate involves a LOT of money.

In northern Nevada, $250,000 (a quarter of a million dollars!) or less doesn’t buy much: most likely a tiny, older home, a manufactured property or perhaps a condo. Homes $250,000 – $300,000 buys a bit more. Most homes are higher. In many California cities, that wouldn’t buy a thing.  

Add to that the fact that even the most straightforward transactions usually have at least one “bump” in the road, and people panic.  The size of the investment dwarfs nearly any other transaction. It’s scary. I’ve had clients threaten to walk away from a $400,000 home over $150 in repairs. 

Realtors earn their commissions — at least I do! My services includes massive orchestration to transfer a home from seller to buyer. I manage 20 or more people per transaction: My client, the other client’s agent, the lender, the title company, the appraiser, various inspectors, the office people, and the repair people. Emotional support, mediation, discretion all play rolls.

Every transaction includes a learning opportunity — digging through county assessor records to discover when an easement was put in place, helping out of state buyers find good repair/remodel contractors, the list goes on and on.  

Experience matters. Service matters. Commitment matters. That’s what to look for in a Realtor!  Call/text me with real estate questiHolly O'Driscoll_AA_260x300 (1)ons! 

Holly O’Driscoll
Chase International Real Estate
Reno, Nevada


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