Disappointment at Napa Sonoma South

Saturday’s breakfast date had so much potential at Napa Sonoma South in Reno. If only … 20160521_092330[1]

  • Spacious dining area tastefully decorated
  • Cloth napkins wrapped the silverware.
  • Varied menu
  • High expectations based on reputation and experience at the flagship location

We entered the dark wood and brick store just after 9 a.m. A sign invited us to seat ourselves. Three parties occupied the dining room: A group of six (including two small children) and two couples.  We sat at a table near the brick wall.

And waited. After a while, I turned the stop watch function on my stop watch. Three more minutes passed.

An elderly couple with  a golden retriever came in and sat at a table near us. A server appeared — and offered them water and coffee.  Then noticed us and asked the busboy to offer us water/coffee. He brought coffee, but not water. The server was annoyed.

Menus arrived. We made our selections. The food arrived in a reasonable time frame.

Buttermilk pancakes by definition are bland. My companion said his were light, fluffy and unremarkable.

My Veggie Eggs Benedict looked great, with Hollandaise sauce draped nicely over the dish.

As I took my first bite, the phrase “if only” popped into my head. The Hollandaise sauce had a lovely flavor — but, sadly, was barely lukewarm. Perhaps the cold china plate cooled it off on the way from the kitchen. Perhaps the refrigerator-cold tomatoes and cold, crunchy onions that chilled the eggs and sauce. The avocado chunks were fresh and properly ripe.

Several other parties arrived for a late breakfast, and more wait staff appeared offering coffee refills every few minutes. No one asked if we needed or wanted anything. As I munched on fruit, a bus person reached across me to grab my empty plate.

The server quickly gave us our bill, didn’t thank us, didn’t invite us back.

Perhaps that’s a sign. So much potential. Such poor execution.

Have you eaten at Napa Sonoma South? Did you have a better experience? Tell me about it.

One thought on “Disappointment at Napa Sonoma South

  1. thesmilingpilgrim

    Now that’s what I want to eat right there lol that picture looks so good!

    I usually just have cereal hah

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