Coaching — It’s Not Just for Athletes

Even the best athletes benefit from coaching — having someone analyze their moves and their mindset.  The best want to get better — and rDSC_0003_edited-1ealize they need help to improve.

The same is true in business.

“Self-made”  man/woman is a fallacy. Drive and ambition certainly set successful business people apart. Few executives make it to the top of their professions without mentors along the way.

If they didn’t have an official mentor, they certainly learned lessons, found outside motivation from one, or many, people.

Coaching takes many forms:

Management/leadership training, project management workshops, specific industry training courses add useful strategies and tactics to our professional toolboxes.

Hiring a professional business coach to develop your skills and personal style can take that to the next level.

In researching an article I wrote for a private client, I spoke with numerous A-list professionals about getting ahead in business, and in winning contracts of all sizes. The advice and insights they provided is applicable in most business situations.

I found it interesting that many of the same research skills journalists use apply.  Research, Research, Research. Talk to people, toss ideas out, get a feel for a company/idea or product.

Whether you actively seek out and pay a mentor/coach or use life lessons and advice from family and friends, we learn.  The best acknowledge the value!







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