Matchmaking — and Teamwork — Make Real Estate Work

551 Tarn Way

For me, real estate is not about “selling” — it’s about helping people.

As a listing agent, my job entails discovering what a homeowner/seller wants to accomplish — and providing the expertise on pricing and marketing to make that happen.

As a buyer’s agent, I listen to what clients want, where they want to be, and what they can afford — then help them find it.

It’s about matchmaking … and about orchestration. Each real estate transaction — whether on the buying side or the listing side — involves more than a dozen people. Lenders, appraisers, inspectors, escrow/title professionals, repair people — plus the staff it takes in each office to pull all the records and documentation together. I work with incredibly skilled people across the board.

Each closing — such as the one that happened today involving the Reno property pictured above — required tremendous attention to detail by the professionals on all sides. This particular transaction included negotiations on price, repairs, recalls and appraisals. My clients were the buyers — and absolutely lovely people to work with. The sellers, and the sellers’ agent, were equally lovely and reasonable to work with. That is not always the case. On some contentious transactions a commission may feel more like “combat pay” (and low combat pay at that!).

So today was a very good day. The deal was finalized; the buyers received the keys; the sellers received their funds. Everyone won.

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