Coffeebar: Getting Local in Truckee, California

20150227_112525[1]I love discovering new meeting places and great independently owned businesses. Ones with character, great food and energy. The latest: The Coffeebar in Truckee, Calif. — about 30 minutes from Reno.

I met a friend who works in Truckee on a Friday at 11 a.m. The place was packed — and not with tourists. If you’ve been to Truckee, you understand that statement.The Coffee Bar is tucked into a tiny shopping complex at 10120 Jibboom Street — just a block off the main drag.

Most tourists never venture beyond the shops and restaurants now occupying the historic buildings along Old Donner Pass Road in Old Truckee.

What a difference a block makes!  Patrons gathered around various sized tables, stand-up counters and a comfy couch. The atmosphere was casual, and understated  — a distinctly upscale local Truckee vibe. People were wearing well-broken in jeans & fleece. ll less glitzy than the “mountain wear” of the weekend Bay Area visitor. The crowed included older guys with longer hair; moms with tots; 20-somethings sporting fleece and./or snow-border pants; a few people glued to their laptops. Lots of business talk flowed.

We had coffee and split a panini, Friendly employees took our order — and told us the place is almost always this busy. We found a place to sit — and the employees brought us our coffee & sandwich. They provided excellent service, and made a really good sandwich and great coffee. Obviously, all key to attracting and sustaining a loyal local following.

The Coffeebar website says the company only serves sustainably-grown coffee and products. They boast of roasting all their beans in Reno and of individually French pressing each cup of coffee.

The Coffeebar in Truckee has been around since 2010. It’s obviously a favorite local hangout. What I didn’t realize is that it’s the same company that the Coffeebar opened a location at 682 Mt. Rose Street in Reno last year — and that I ate breakfast there in January. So there’s a local option as well!  The menus are the same.

So three questions:

  1. Have you been to either the Truckee or Reno locations?
  2. Was your experience as good as mine? 
  3. What other great, locally owned shops do you recommend? 


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