Expect the Best in Boston

The view from our room at the Hyatt Boston Harbor Hotel

Just returned from an East Coast adventure that included a great visit to Boston … my old college stomping grounds. I haven’t stayed in Boston since graduating from BU with a BS in Communications.  This time, spouse and daughter came along.

The inspiration for the trip was an family wedding that drew relatives from the US, Ireland and Australia.  Boston out-did itself in friendliness, weather and fun … We stayed at the Hyatt Harbor Hotel — and awoke to spectacular views.

We took the water taxi from our hotel right to the Intercontinental where the Irish cousins were staying. Our “taxi driver” owned the boat — and used to work for a tech company in Carson City, proving once again just what a small world this is!

Take a water taxi right from the Hyatt Boston Harbor to any waterfront location!

We walked all over — from the Intercontinental to the Boston Commons, through Back Bay, through the Public Gardens, to Copley Square in the morning … Giving the Irish cousins a taste of central Boston. We happened to walk right by the “Cheers” bar … a show immensely popular overseas ….


Back Bay brims with history– brick sidewalks, wisteria vines, townhouses with historic names etched into them … and churches everywhere.

In the afternoon we toured Quincy Market, which seems like the ultimate tourist trap, then on to Haymarket where fresh fruits and veggies vie with seafood vendors to capture attention.   Then it was on to the North End where the scent of Italian food made us hungry and the age of the buildings reminded us that we were walking the same streets as the Colonists. We saw the Old North Church, the statue of Paul Revere and the masts of the Constitution across the river in Charlestown.

Harvard was on the Irish cousins’  “must see” list so we hiked over to the Boston Gardens to catch the “T”.  Here we met yet another friendly Bostonian. The officer at the Boston Garden’s T station helped us get a Charlie Card — which saved us $$ on fares.  He didn’t have to do this — so a big Thank You to the MBTA for encouraging its staff to help visitors!

When I lived in Boston I didn’t hang out in Cambridge, so, touring “the Yard” was novel for me as well … (Thanks GoogleMaps!) We made the obligatory trip to the Harvard Coop (pronounced “coop” not co-op) so they could buy (some very expensive) trinkets … bought a $4 cupcake as a birthday surprise for my spouse at Sweet … then it was time for tea … before taking the “T” back to South Station.

We rounded out the adventure with dinner and drinks at Mr. Dooley’s Irish Pub … which naturally had Guinness and Harp on tap.

A terrific day — we logged nearly 12 miles according to my FitBit —  had a lovely time with wonderful relatives we see too rarely and met the friendliest, nicest people.

I recommend a visit to Boston especially in the spring!





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