A New Twist on Healthy Eating

Love to eat out? Hate the over-sized portions and the high calories? Me too … but in Reno, there’s a movement afoot to offer better choices without sacrificing flavor 

Twisted Fork Pear Salad

Honey roasted pears, crispy apples, blue cheese crumbles, mixed greens, honey white balsamic vinaigrette give great flavor to this salad. For a complete meal top with chicken, steak, prawns or fresh tuna.

or ambiance.  Here’s one I recently reviewed for an ebook commissioned by Renown Health’s Best Medicine Blog:

At The Twisted Fork in South Reno, Manager Joe Clements and Chef Sergio Romero deliberately developed a menu that’s hard to classify. Complex flavors add depth and interest to each menu choice at this modern American restaurant and wine bar.

“We didn’t want to be pigeon holed into one type of food. We wanted more creativity and to constantly evolve – and to really be a little ‘twisted’ with our food,” Clements said.

The restaurant generated buzz from the day they opened in January 2012 next to RC Willey off Steamboat Parkway. The menu includes elegantly plated entrees aimed at patrons with every dietary preference – vegan, vegetarian or carnivore.

Open for lunch and dinner, Chef Romero uses the freshest ingredients he can get – organic and local grown when possible. Produce is delivered daily and the fish is never frozen.

Clements describes the restaurant’s style as California with a heavy Latin influence. “While we have some Italian dishes, our goal is to entice people with our really creative menu,” he said. “We make healthy food that’s outside the box. It’s creative with a lot of big flavors.”

This is the third venture together for Cements and Romeo. The pair worked together at The Grille in southwest Reno for several years. They left to transform Woody’s Grille and Spirits in Sparks.

“Sparks didn’t have an upscale sports bar, with upscale food. We changed that,” Clements said.

Instead of traditional fried “bar food,” Romero created a unique menu filled with made-from-scratch fresh fare that rivals – or beats – many local restaurants.

“At Woody’s we knew our audience – there wasn’t an upscale sports bar like it in the area,” Clements said.

That success inspired investors to want to try something totally different.  Clements and Romero teamed again to create The Twisted Fork. Both are still involved in Woody’s, though they spend more time at the new restaurant.

The Twisted Fork is building a different clientele in South Reno – diners who seek unique, fresh flavors and appreciate out-of-the-box thinking about food.

“We’re building a new audience,” Clements said.

The Twisted Fork’s menu changes regularly – and even the most popular dishes may get tweaked, updated or replaced. The Pear Salad recipe below is a staple, yet the garnishes have evolved over time. The dish originally was topped with a variety of mixed nuts.

Out of deference to people with allergies to peanuts, it now comes with candied walnuts.

Their target audience cares about food – and The Twisted Fork caters to those seeking healthy, innovative food and excellent service. Most dishes can be customized to accommodate dietary or preferences.

Lunch items include small plates, sandwiches, salads, burgers and entrees priced from $7-$17 (most are in the $9-$10 range). Dinner entrees include chicken, fish and steak choices that range from $16-$34.

“Reno has evolved – it used to be known for steak and potatoes. Now we have cauliflower puree – we’re outside the box,” he said.


Have you eaten at Twisted Fork?  What did you think? It’s on the pricey side, did you think it was a good value?



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