Share the Wealth of Customer Endorsements

When customers tell your story – by sharing how what you do helped their business – everyone wins.

  • The customer wins – You’ve validated their importance to your business by asking them to share their experience and success
  • You win –  The genuine voice of the customer boosts your credibility in your space far more than any advertising or marketing message can.
  • Prospects win – They hear or read first-hand stories about how your product or service helped someone else.

Here’s a link to a video I produced  for a special event. In it, senior executives talk about the value of attending the event – and the value of working with this particular company.

Each of these customers gained a personal win by participating, one they can share within their own circles. (One executive from an earlier project told me how he became a hero to his kids when they saw him in the video we put together).

Getting Participants

Offering to identify the speakers by title and industry – not name and company – makes such projects easier. I pre-arranged to meet with these people at the event, and provided the questions to them in advance.

My goal: To make them, and the company look good!

Many large companies have non-disclosure agreements in place, so on-camera endorsements may require legal releases. With end consumers or simpler business-to-business relationships, the legal release may not come into play.

Connect to Social Media 

Once you capture a customer success story, the next step is to post it on your website and encouraging salespeople to share it with prospects.Sharing the customer’s voice via social media is essential — and a step often overlooked.

YouTube, LinkedIn Groups, Twitter, Case Studies (written and video) all offer ways to get the word out about the value customers get from working with your company.

This helps draw others to your brand. Nothing beats the genuine voice of a satisfied customer.  The bonus: Posting on social media outlets generally is free.

Have you done a video for a cause or company? What tips can you share to boost success? I’d love to hear about it! 

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