What a Difference a Year Makes

Last year the three apple trees in our yard produced more than a ton of apples. Literally more than 2,000 pounds — and those were the ones the birds didn’t get.

We had apple everything — pie, sauce, butter, cobbler, cake.
Apple pix

We called the Food Bank to see if they will take home-grown, organic produce. They connected us with a nearby church that has an outreach mission to feed the homeless. Every week, sometimes twice a week, for more than a month we picked, packed and toted crates of apples to the church.

They called us “The Apple People” …

We still had more.  We took some to work. We dropped bags fu
ll on every neighbor’s front steps … sometimes at night so we’d be anonymous.

This year: Nothing.  We found a few on the ground.

We planted those trees almost 20 years ago.  We’ve had apples before — a bushel or so every few years when a late frost didn’t kill the buds.

I wonder what next year will bring? 

Has this happened to you?  Is there a way to even out the crops?

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