Lessons in Parenting — number 452

One of the toughest things for a parent to do is to sit on the sidelines during tough events in an offspring’s life.

Growing through challenges and disappointments is part of the process  — one that helps each of us mature.  I know it.  I don’t have to like the pain it causes though.

We are so fortunate — and we count our blessings — to have the family that we do. I never take it for granted.

When these stumbling blocks and disappointments confront our children — people who used to be shorter than us — the parent in us wants to ride to the rescue — or at least provide the bear hug and kiss that used to make everything all right again.

But we can’t rescue them — and we shouldn’t most of the time.

What we can do is sympathize, offer perspective and advice — along with a hug and a kiss if we’re close enough to do so.

Some people bounce back or roll with adversity and disappointment easier than others. When you’re tired, lonely or homesick it’s easier to wallow.

That’s when the parent wants to swoop in, apply that bandage — not really to change anything, but let them know we care. That alone can help change mood/perspective.

I can’t do that today …  the one who needs it is 3,000 miles away … but I want to.

I am missing this college student and knowing we won’t be reunited until late July just makes it tougher.

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