Opportunity knocks — even when you don’t realize it

Doors open and close in our lives all the time.  People, places, jobs — changes leave us sad and simultaneously offer us a chance to grow, explore and evolve.

My journey includes opportunity and setbacks.  Small town and island-living in Maine,  led to great adventures in college at Boston University, thanks to scholarships, sacrifices by my mom and grandparents, as well as my own hard work …

Post college sadness at losing my mom and becoming a guardian to a teen sister with developmental issues, led to opportunity in Washington, D.C. at USA Today.  Which is where I met my incredible spouse …

Eventually that led to our journey west and three terrific offspring … and a career as a freelance writer, editor and photographer covering and exploring northern Nevada through family adventures, special events,   business and real estate writing, education and sports ….

Empty nesting coincided with downsizing at the newspaper, which opened so many doors to personal and professional growth.

I landed initially at ProNet, a non-profit organization devoted to helping professionals get back to work. There I grew through training and course work in personal branding, social media for business, train the trainer to name just a few. The bonus: the camaraderie  and support of the 100-plus top-notch professionals in the group and the leadership of the professional staffers.

I grew to understand some of the unique skills and talents I bring to the table.  My writing, editing, marketing and an openness to the wider world brought opportunities to learn about entrepreneurship and how businesses outside newspaper work.

Networking skills grew through attending Western Industrial Nevada and Chamber of Commerce events.  I teamed with incredibly talented and insightful  people at E-Nevada.org determined to get Nevadans back to work through entrepreneurship.

That led to the creation of eNevadaNow.org an online newsletter for Entrepreneurship Nevada that I developed — and a seat at the table with the tier-one people who can make this happen.  I have a voice, a viewpoint and a value to add …  and people hear me!

Along the way I learned to write marketing proposals; started writing for Northern Nevada Business Weekly, designed a display for Grappers, Inc. and made so many new connections.

I stubbed my toe a few times — didn’t get a few jobs I applied for, fell flat on a few proposals I made, learned some things I don’t want to do and some I’m just not suited for …

In the long run, and it does feel like a long eight months, opportunities are opening up!  Thanks to all who continue to believe in me …

Have you found your journey includes huge boulders, little streams and ultimately promise?

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One thought on “Opportunity knocks — even when you don’t realize it

  1. Jen

    Good story, long journey…it’s not over, where will it lead next? That’s the beauty of life, you never know what’s around the corner and how it will change your life.

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