Date night revisited — another milestone in empty nesting

Last night we went to the movies. Together, without kids. We saw the Descendants. Partly because George Clooney was nominated for an Academy Award. Partly because it wasn’t a blood and guts extravaganza. So a compromise — and a great choice.

We learned, though, a new reality about the “dating” scene.

In the “olden days” before kids in school and sports this might not have been notable. In recent years though, three active teens often meant several nights a week committed somewhere. For two Fall seasons, when all were varsity athletes, it meant four soccer matches and a football game. Every week. In Winter it was at least two basketball games and at least one ski meet. In Spring (I loved Spring) it was all day at the track, with occasional club soccer matches. When our oldest graduated, and our boy/girl twins were home, we still went to the football games, so not much changed.

Our weekend nights were recovery time, a blessed night when we didn’t have to go somewhere.

It’s taking us a while to rejoin the adult world. On the spur of the moment we went downtown to Reno’s Riverside Theater for the 6:50 show, attended mostly by couples our age or older. Next: the Silver Peak Brewery for food — another awesome choice.

What I noticed at the Silver Peak, though, was this huge generation gap. At the bar, the young, apparently mostly single folks dominated. At the tables, the few mid-lifers like us and one couple likely over 60. Almost no one in the mid 30s age bracket.

My analysis: The pre-kid generation and the post-kid generations have time and (a little more) money. Those in the midst of the parent game were probably home with Netflix and microwave popcorn. It was a great phase I’d never trade.

Yet, anyone else surprised that we shifted generations while busy raising kids? I am rediscovering me … or maybe reclaiming me … and it’s interesting. I’d love to hear others’ stories!

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