Reno’s micro-climates let us choose our snow levels

The wind howled all night. Rain, followed by snow, pelted our windows. We woke up to 3 new inches of heavy, wet snow on the driveway. Just to the west, up the alluvial fan leading to Mount Rose, some neighborhoods

received 20 plus inches.

In Reno proper — barely a dusting fell. In Spanish Springs and in Wingfield Springs to the northeast, even less fell.

Wind lashes the south side of our home near Mount Rose Highway south of Reno proper, while calmness reigns in the California Avenue

neighborhood where my husband grew up.

Reno – Sparks offers the opportunity to live in an alpine setting surrounded by trees where residents can snowshoe from their front doors.  It offers horse properties in urban and rural neighborhoods.

Reno also offers neighborhoods where snow rarely falls and when it does it melts quickly. Homeowners with south-facing driveways often just let the snow melt off — and it does.

I grew up in Maine and our driveway faces north. I always shovel.  It gives the concrete a chance to dry out and prevents ice build up. Plus it’s a free workout.rarely have to shovel, even in my neighborhood.

You can ski and golf — often in the same day.  It’s a key marketing point and one that entices travelers to visit here.  The climate and topography attract new residents and businesses. The mountain vistas give nearly every home a gorgeous vista.

How lucky is that!

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