Laughter can rock your world, Steve Rizzo tells Reno crowd

Perspective is everything. So said comedian and motivational speaker Steve Rizzo today in Reno. Shifting our perspectives can rock our world — and change our trajectory in life and at work.

As I listened to him, I was struck by how he used humor to communicate one of my deepest beliefs. Laughter, and being able to laugh, is the ultimate triumph. No matter what life throws at you, if you can eventually find something to be grateful for and to bring laughter into your life, or back into your life, things will be OK.

Bad things happen, yet the sun shines; puppies and children play.

Changing our attitudes in small ways can change an entire day’s outcome and open opportunities we never thought of, Rizzo told the crowd at the Western Industrial Nevada breakfast at the Peppermill Hotel, in Reno.

I believe it. I live it … most days.

Rizzo had the crowd in stitches. Humor cuts through our defenses and makes us open to change.

Rizzo encouraged specific actions.

“Make a conscious choice to enjoy yourself in whatever you are doing today,” he said.  Too many people wait for “someday” to be happy.  Wrong attitude, he said.

“Enjoy yourself in whatever you are doing, wherever you are in your life today. Find enjoyment during the process — don’t wait for someday,” he said.

Someday never really comes. People who put obstacles in the way of happiness – who tell themselves that they’ll be happy once they get that next promotion, or when they lose the weight, or whatever, miss the opportunity to be happy now, and ultimately throughout their entire lives.

“Don’t put happiness on hold,” he said. You’ll never have it if you do.

So to change the way we view our lives, Rizzo offered the following advice:

“Focus on something that makes you grateful. Feel it with your heart and soul as soon as you open your eyes,” he said. Do it as soon, or even before, opening your eyes each day. That, he said, will change the way you approach your day.

Changing this one thing, Rizzo said, can change how you think, and ultimately how you live your life.  That old saying about change your attitude and change your world is true.

The better your attitude, the more opportunity, whether for friends, family, a better (or any!) job will come – because you are more open to it.

Other points Rizzo made:

“See the funny side of life. It is everywhere,” he advised

“Laughter results in an instant mind shift,” he said.

“Laughter is positive energy,” he emphasized.

“Enjoyment is the spark that ignites passion and enthusiasm,” he promised.

Rizzo is an accomplished comedian with many professional accolades and television credits. He, of course, had a great delivery, many stories and one-liners. He also relayed sad and touching stories that motivate him.

My take: We all have tough experiences. Those who find something to laugh about, ultimately, will overcome.

Thanks Mr. Rizzo for reminding us of that, and for brightening my day.

Have you tried this? Did it work for you? Talk to me ….

2 thoughts on “Laughter can rock your world, Steve Rizzo tells Reno crowd

    • Thanks Michelle, He has a strong message that really could help folks. I woke up with songs in my head: Carol King (You’ve got to wake up every morning with a smile on your face … and a silly one: Put on a happy face … and spread sunshine all over the place …) so his talk worked. At least for me …

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