Charity Pay; Reno Inventor; Thinking outside the box

Update – According to a story from Reuters news service today, running a big charity pays pretty well. Susan G. Komen founder and CEO made $417,712 in 2011; Planned Parenthood’s president was paid $354,716 in 2010. The combined total is $772,428 – not quite the $800,000 combined salaries I found reported in story earlier this week. Do the above figures include benefits and perks?  I don’t know, but my message is the same: Consider supporting local non-profits where you can see the difference even a small donation makes. 

Here’s a link to the full story about where and how several health-related non-profits spend their mega-million dollars of donations.

I find the sheer amount of funds under discussion quite amazing.  Someone better at the math than I am can add it up, but even I know that it totals billions of donated dollars. On one hand it confirms that we are a generous people. On the other, it provides an opportunity to evaluate where donated dollars are spent. This story also shows that dollar volume alone will not find a cure for any single disease. It’s time to think outside the box and consider funding different types of research perhaps more unconventional research.

Look at what a totally brilliant, and very low-cost, invention by a 17-year-old Reno boy may do for delectating radiation and possible terrorism threats. Government agencies and private corporations are interested NOW, but might have blown off the idea from a more established scientist.  Plus since this device might be able to do the job for $100 — a big conglomerate might not have pursued it unless it offered it up at a major profit.

This just shows how thinking outside the box can solve a seemingly impossible problem.  Great job.

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