A media-free holiday

Christmas Day was media free from waking up until 5 p.m. All three college students agreed to this as a gift to me. How did it go? Pretty well!  We did put music on — but nixed the laptop computers, I-Phones and other personal media.

The family played a ESPN 21st Century Trivia — a combination of Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary and Charades — and it is tough, even for the sports buffs who live here.  The game is played in teams — so we split into Mom/Dad/Youngest son vs Eldest Son and Stud Daughter.  Here’s the funny part — on some of the more obscure references I, the female parent, guessed the correct answer most of the time.  That led to much laughter.  As did having to act out “Fight Song,” “Jump Ball” and having to draw pictures clues to “Houston Comets.” 

We had planned on going bowling later in the day, but the gang had fun just hanging out together … actually talking.  We are bridging between the old parent of high schoolers into building new avenues of communications with interesting young adults.    

I think one or both of the male offspring snuck a peek at their e-mails — but not the usual hours on end obsession with video/online games that usually takes place when they are home from college.

I feel we’ve turned a corner …

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