Giving Back; Getting Ahead

“Tis the season of giving, the saying goes, In business life giving back is a philosophy that benefits the community — and each of us that do it. .   

Today the Reno auto dealers Tom & Ryan Dolan’s donated $40,000 to food programs for the hungrgy — a tremendously generous gift. (

Last night at the Damonte – Galena high school baskImageetball game, cheerleaders collected funds to help families struggling with children with cancer.

Vastly different sums of money. Both terrific contributions. Donating doesn’t have to be in money. Each of us has unique abilities that can help others. Whether at church, at school, at a cause, in your neighborhood or in your own family, spreading kindness and hope makes a difference.

Michelle Nichols of the Reno-based Global Hug Your Kids Day asked me to help with a project for the non-profit Hope Cafe  in Reno. My newswriting skills, plus my PR/Marketing experince, generated interest.

The sad note: Unbeknownst to the cafe staff, it’s parent organization decided to close the eatery, so the event was canceled or we likely would have had even more free publicity. 


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