Why I love Reno — YouTube sensation

Most people who live in Reno really do love it. Whether they are third generation or newbies … the lifestyle potential here trumps most metropolises … Reno is so much more than the statistics, so much more than the data.

Tim Ruffin of Colliers International led, and bankrolled, a short video highlighting why so many people live this place. Here’s the link —

Why I Love Reno You Tube

Professionals who move here bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to an area that needs it. In return, they have time to live as well as work. Commutes are short — driving from any neighborhood to the downtown cores of Reno or Sparks rarely takes even 15 minutes. Compare that to any metro area — friends in Washington, D.C. plan on 45 minutest to two hours — EACH WAY. Ditto in The Bay Area.  

Reno offers art museums, live theater and music venus. It offers families every sport, dance style, art experience of larger metro areas — at a much more reasonable price. Plus, depending on the neighborhood, residents can be ON the ski slope in less than 15 minutes from backing out of their garage — (and yes, most homes here have at least a two-car garage!)

Families have time for family time — playing with the kids, being home in time for dinner, getting to that Little League game or dance recital. Parents can work full-time and still be there for their kids.

It’s all about quality of life. Stay professional, but get off the treadmill — come here and run in the foothills right outside your own front door instead.

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