Reno Entrepreneurs Key to Recovery

When information comes at you several times, from several different sources, it’s a sign that something is up.

This week it is news about jobs in Reno and Northern Nevada. The key, my many sources say, is building entrepreneurial businesses.

Translation: New business that bring new money into the area are the ones that will change our trajectory.

Sure, mom and pop stores create money and jobs for a few people, but it’s “circular money” a.k.a. money that comes out of pockets and incomes already here. Examples are dry cleaners, grocery stores, gas stations — all mainly are businesses that recirculate funds within the community.

True entrepreneurial ventures in Reno seek to bring in new money by creating businesses that appeal to people outside our area.  They create goods, services or ideas that didn’t exist before and attract new attention. That’s the only way to truly dig out of the recession in Northern Nevada, my sources say.

The good news: It’s happening. Some start-ups are in their infancy. Some are becoming quite successful and need to be recognized.

“We need to celebrate our successes,” my biz contacts say.  In the long run it is new money, new ventures that will create the jobs Reno needs to support the more traditional circular-money type businesses.

Who is saying this is the key to Reno’s growth? Business leaders, entrepreneurial groups including the non-profit Startup Growth Strategies (, The Chamber of Commerce and the Reno-Sparks Local Business Co-Op & Green chamber of Commerce — to name just a few.    I have met with entrepreneurs in these groups and heard of their successes. Some need media and public relations help, others are making a splash on their own.

Stay tuned as I talk to these folks and help get the word out about their ventures. It’s news Reno needs — and news Reno can use.

2 thoughts on “Reno Entrepreneurs Key to Recovery

  1. Tons … that’s the only way to dig out of the recession … create new jobs, bring in new money. Opening a restaurant or small store doesn’t do it … that is “circular money” we need money from elsewhere!

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