Staying Sane in Busy Times

The key to saying sane this time of year is to prioritize, minimize and just let go. Not everything has to be perfect. Spending money isn’t the key. Real value comes from hugs and laughter. Making a special treat with or for loved ones. Playing songs that bring back good memories, decorating with a few special items instead of an explosion of “stuff” sets the background for what’s really important: telling people you love them. 

Counting your blessings — actually writing them down — can be a serious reality check. Is your list full of things? Full of emotions? Full of people?

The recent Caughlin Ranch fire in Reno gave many people a strong wake up call as  to what is important.  Trying to keep that perspective once the ash settles, is tougher. Lucky and thankful to be alive and safe; stressed about the loss of property and prospects (and costs) of rebuilding.  

My biggest “whine” days are made better by hugging someone I love. I am truly lucky — not wealthy — but rich in other ways.

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